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R.F. Lafferty has changed a lot over its 60-year history to help our clients stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. To accomplish this, we have built our business on certain fundamental values:

Collaboration - At R.F. Lafferty, we gauge our success by yours. We work hard to understand your goals and needs, and work with you to execute strategies that fit your investment style.

Experience - Located in the heart of New York’s financial district, R.F. Lafferty seeks to attract the industry’s best and brightest professionals to our team.

Family Owned - Ralph F. Lafferty founded the company in 1946 committed to the idea that each and every client was the company’s most valued asset. A new generation now leads the company but we remain true to the original vision.

Independence - R.F. Lafferty does not answer to anyone but our clients. As an independent and family-owned firm, our commitment to your goals will never be compromised by a bias for particular proprietary products, a need to improve the rate of return for stockholders, or to satisfy a board of directors.

Services – Our services provide an opportunity for positive results.

  • Institutional Services: We provide a unique mix of value-added services to support our clients’ institutional trading requirements and help them in the elite universe of hedge fund trading.
  • Investment Banking: Our complete range of investment banking services provides our clients with a strategic partner and the potential for long-term success.
  • Wealth Management: We partner with a variety of providers to bring our clients a full spectrum of services to give an opportunity to grow and/or protect their assets.
  • Retail Services: Our global platform supports trading in 30 international markets in foreign currency with a comprehensive range of retail products.
  • Corporate Services: Our highly trained specialists use an integrated team approach to develop a customized corporate benefits plan.