Who We Are

The Independent, Family-Owned Firm

It’s not an accident that R.F. Lafferty’s clients enjoy a standard of personalized service that is unique in the industry. When Ralph F. Lafferty founded the company in 1946, he was committed to the idea that each and every client was the company’s most valued asset. A new generation of financial professionals leading the firm remain true to the original vision.

Through the years, R.F. Lafferty has expanded in breadth and clientele one relationship at a time. We have never succumbed to the trend of mass marketing. Because of this, clients can expect an exceptional level of experience, continuity in service and true dedication from the people they work with at R.F. Lafferty.

Service, Support Knowledge

R.F. Lafferty has evolved over its 70+ year history to help our clients stay ahead in a ever-changing landscape. What remains unchanged is our commitment to unrivaled service that helps clients succeed in their goal.

It’s all backed by the integrated expertise of accomplished professionals, sophisticated tools and a robust product mix for today’s clients.

As an independent, family-owned firm, our commitment to your goals is never compromised. Independent thinking is what assures our clients the most consistently objective advice to help them achieve their financial goals.